Burkina Faso

Presidential 2010


An election took place on 21 November 2010.

Blaise Compaoré (Congress for Democracy and Progress) 80.2%
Hama Arba Diallo (Party for Democracy and Socialism) 8.2%
Bénéwendé Stanislas Sankara (Union for Rebirth/Sankarist Movement) 6.3%
Boukari Kaboré (Pan-African Sankarist Union/Progressive Movement) 2.3%
Maxime Kaboré 1.5%
Pargui Emile Paré (People’s Movement for Socialism/Federal Party) 0.9%
Ouampoussoga François Kaboré (Party for Democracy and Progress/Socialist Party) 0.6%

Registered electors: 3,239,777
Votes: 1,778,693
Turnout 54.9%

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