Czech Republic

Parliamentary 2012


First round elections to the Senate took place on 12-13 October and second round on 19-20 October 2012.

A third of Senate seats are up for election every two years.

Party Seats won Senate total
Czech Social Democratic Party (Česká strana sociálně demokratická, SSD) 13 46
Civic Democratic Party (Občanská demokratická strana, ODS) 4 15
TOP 09 – Mayors and Independents (Koalice “STAN” a TOP 09) 1 3
Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party
(Krestan.a demokrat.unie-Ceskosl.strana lidova, KDU-CSL) 1 5
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (Komunistická strana
Čech a Moravy, KSČM) 1 2
Ostravak 1 1
Greens (Strana zelených, SZ) 1 1
Mayors and Independents and Citizens for Budějovice
(Koalice STAN a “HOPB”, STANHOPB) 1 1
Christian and Democratic Union-Greens-Czech Pirates (Krestan.a demokrat.unie-
Ceskosl.strana lidova-Strana zelených-Česká pirátská strana, KDUSZPir) 1 1
Christian and Democratic Union-Independent(Krestan.a demokrat.unie-
Ceskosl.strana lidova-Nezávislá Volba, KDU+NV) 1 1
Independent 2 2
North ( 0 2
Total 27 81

Registered electors: 2,795,405
Votes: 966,464

Turnout in the first round was 34.9% and in the second round it dropped to 18.6%.


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