Presidential 2007


The first round of the presidential elections took place on 21-22 April 2007.

Nicolas Sarkozy (Union for a Popular Movement) 31.18%
Ségolène Royal (Socialist Party) 25.87%
François Bayrou (Union for French Democracy) 18.57%
Jean-Marie Le Pen (National Front) 10.44%
Olivier Besancenot (Revolutionary Communist League) 4.08%
Philippe de Villiers (Movement for France) 2.23%
Marie-George Buffet (French Communist Party) 1.93%
Dominique Voynet (The Greens) 1.57%
Arlette Laguiller (Workers’ Struggle) 1.33%
José Bové (Alter-globalization activist) 1.32%
Frédéric Nihous (Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Tradition) 1.15%
Gérard Schivardi (Workers’ Party) 0.34%

Registered voters: 44,472,834
Turnout: 83.77%
Votes: 37,254,242

In the second round on 5-6 May, Ségolène Royal received 46.94% of the vote, whilst Nicolas Sarkozy received 53.06% and was thus elected. The turnout was 83.97%.


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