Parliamentary 2015


An election to the Hellenic Parliament took place on 20 September 2015.

Coalition of the Radical Left (Synaspismós Rizospastikís Aristerás, SYRIZA) 145
New Democracy (Nea Dimokratia, ND) 75
Golden Dawn (Laikos Syndesmos – Chrysi Aygi, XA) 18
Panhellenic Socialist Movement (Pa.So.K) 17
Communist Party of Greece (Kommounistikó Kómma Elládas, KKE) 15
The River (To Potami) 11
Independent Greeks (Anexartitoi Ellines, ANEL) 10
Unio of Centrists (Enosi Kentroon, EK) 10
Total 300

Registered electors: 9,840,525
Voted: 5,566,223
Turnout: 56.57%


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