Presidential 2007


Elections took place on 9 September and 4 November 2007. First round results were as follows:

Álvaro Colom (National Unity of Hope, UNE) 28.23%
Otto Pérez Molina (Patriotic Party, PP) 23.51%
Alejandro Giammattei (Grand National Alliance, GANA) 17.23%
Eduardo Suger (Social Action Centre, CASA) 7.45%
Luis Rabbé (Guatemalan Republican Front, FRG) 7.29%
Mario Estrada (Nationalist Change Union, UCN) 3.16%
Rigoberta Menchú (Encounter for Guatemala, EG) 3.09%
Fritz García-Gallont (Unionist Party, PU) 2.92%
Óscar Castañeda (National Advancement Party, PAN) 2.56%
Miguel Ángel Sandoval (Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity–MAIZE) 2.14%
Manuel Conde Orellana (Democratic Union, UD) 0.76%
Pablo Monsanto (New Nation Alliance, ANN) 0.59%
Héctor Rosales (Authentic Integral Development, DIA) 0.57%
Vinicio Cerezo Blandón (Guatemalan Christian Democracy, DCG) 0.50%

Registered electors: 5990,029
Votes (2nd round): 2,887,206
Turnout (2nd round): 48.2%

In the second round, which took place on 4 November 2007, Otto Pérez Molina received 47.19% of the vote and Álvaro Colom received 52.81% and was therefore elected President.

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