Presidential 2012


Following a coup on 13 April 2012, the second round runoff, which was scheduled for 29 April, was abandoned. Fresh elections will take place within the next two years.

The first round took place on 18 March 2012 and results were as follows:

Carlos Gomes Júnior (African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde) 48.97%
Mohamed Ialá Embaló (Party for Social Renewal) 23.36%
Manuel Serifo Nhamadjo (Independent) 15.74%
Henrique Pereira Rosa (Independent) 5.40%
Baciro Djá (Independent) 3.26%
Vicente Fernandes (Democratic Alliance) 1.39%
Aregado Mantenque Té (Workers’ Party) 1.04%
Serifo Baldé (Guinean Salvation Democratic Socialist Party – Young Party) 0.46%
Luís Nancassa (Independent) 0.37%

Votes: 316,107
Turnout: 55%

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