Parliamentary 2010


An election to the Sangi-in (House of Councillors) took place on 11 July 2010. Half the members are elected every year to serve six year terms.

Elected 2010 Total seats
Democratic Party (Minshu-to) 44 106
People’s New Party (Kokumin Shin-to) 0 3
Liberal Democratic Party (Jiyu Minshu-to) 51 84
Clean Government Party (Komei-to) 9 19
New Renaissance Party (Shin-to Kaikaku) 1 2
Your Party (Minna no To) 10 11
Japan Communist Party (Nihon Kyosan-to) 3 6
Social Democratic Party (Shakai Minshu-to) 2 4
Rise Up Japan (Tachiagare Nippon) 1 3
Happiness Realisation Party (Kofuku Jitsugen-to) 0 1

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