Parliamentary 2007


An election took place on 27 December 2007.

Orange Democratic Movement 99
Party of National Unity 43
Orange Democratic Movement–Kenya 16
Kenya African National Union 14
Safina 5
National Rainbow Coalition–Kenya 4
Forum for the Restoration of Democracy–People 3
National Rainbow Coalition 3
Chama Cha Uzalendo 2
Democratic Party 2
New Forum for the Restoration of Democracy–Kenya 2
Party of Independent Candidates of Kenya 2
Sisi Kwa Sisi 2
Forum for the Restoration of Democracy–Asili 1
Forum for the Restoration of Democracy–Kenya 1
Kenya African Democratic Development Union 1
Kenya African Democratic Union–Asili 1
Kenya National Democratic Alliance 1
Mazingira Green Party of Kenya 1
National Labour Party 1
People’s Democratic Party 1
People’s Party of Kenya 1
United Democratic Movement 1
Total 207

Various sources

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