Parliamentary 2012


An election to the National Congress took place on 7 July 2012.

National Forces Alliance 39
Justice and Construction 17
National Front Party 3
Wadi Al Hayah for democracy and Develp. 2
Federation for Nation 2
National Centrist Party 2
National Libyan Party 1
Arrresalah 1
Arrakeeza 1
Al-Watan for Development 1
Al-Watan and Devlopment 1
Al-Asala and Rennovation 1
Al-Asala and Development 1
Al-Ummah Al-Wasat Party 1
Labaika National Party 1
National Party of Wadi Ashatti 1
Central Youth Party 1
Libyan Party for Liberty and Develop. 1
National Parties Alliance 1
Libya Al-Amal 1
Al-Hekma Party 1
Total 80

Registered electors: 2,865,937
Votes: 1,764,840
Turnout: 62%


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