Presidential 2009


The first round took place on 22 March 2009 when the results were:

Gjorge Ivanov (VMRO–DPMNE) 35.06%
Ljubomir Frčkoski (Social Democratic Union of Macedonia) 20.45%
Imer Selmani (New Democracy) 14.99%
Ljube Boškoski (independent) 14.87%
Agron Buxhaku (Democratic Union for Integration) 7.51%
Nano Ružin (Liberal Democratic Party) 4.05%
Mirushe Hoxha (Democratic Party of Albanians) 3.09%

Registered electors: 1,92,082
Votes: 759,421 (second round)
Turnout: 42.86%

In the second round on 5 April 2009, Gjorge Ivanov received 63.14% of the vote and was elected President. Ljubomir Frčkoski received 36.86 of the vote.

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