Presidential 2008


Elections took place in two rounds, on 8 and 28 October 2008. In the first round results were as follows:

Mohamed Nasheed (Democratic-Alliance) 24.91%
Maumoon Abdul Gayoom (Dhivehi Rayyithunge) 40.34%
Hassan Saeed (Independent) 16.67%
Qasim Ibrahim (Republican) 15.22%
Umar Naseer (Islamic Democratic) 1.39%
Ibrahim Ismail (Social Liberal) 0.77%

Votes: 177,802
Turnout: 85.38%

In the second round runoff, which took place on 28 October, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom received 45.32% of the vote. Mohamed Nasheed received 53.65% and was therefore elected president. Turnout in the second round was 86.58%.

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