Parliamentary 2010


An election to the National Assembly took place on 5 May 2010.

Elected Additional Total
Alliance of the Future (Alliance de L’Avenir) 41 4 45
Mauritian Labour Party (Parti Travailliste)
Mauritian Social Democrat Party (Parti Mauricien Social-Démocrate)
Militant Socialist Movement (Mouvement Socialiste Militant)
Alliance of the Heart (Alliance du Coeur) 18 2 20
Mauritian Militant Movement (Mouvement Militant Mauricien)
National Union (Union Nationale)
Mauritian Socialist Democrat Movement (Mouvement Mauricien Socialiste Démocrate)
Rodrigues Movement (Mouvement Rodriguais) 2 0 2
Mauritian Solidarity Front (Front Solidarité Mauricienne) 1 0 1
Rodrigues People’s Organisation (Organisation du Peuple Rodriguais) 0 1 1
Total* 62 7 69

*One of the additional seats remained vacant as no candidate fitted the criteria – namely to be a Sino-Mauritian and from one of the other two other successful parties in the election.

Registered electors: 875, 799
Votes: 678,993
Turnout: 78%


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