Palestinian Territories

Parliamentary 2006


An election to the Legislative Council took place on 25 January 2006.

Change and Reform
Hamas (harakat al-muqāwamah al-islāmiyyah) 74
Fatah (harakat al-tahrīr al-filastīnī) 45
Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa/Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (al-jabhah al-sha`biyyah li-tahrīr filastīn) 3
The Alternative (al-Badeel) 2
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (al-jabhah al-dīmūqrātiyyah li-tahrīr filastīn)
Palestinian People’s Party (hizb al-sha’b al-filastīnī)
Palestine Democratic Union (al-ittihād al-dīmūqrātī al-filastīnī)
Independent Palestine 2
Palestinian National Initiative (al-mubādara al-wataniya al-filastīniyya)
Third Way 2
Freedom and Social Justice 0
Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (jabhat al-nidal al-sha’biyya al-filastiniyya)
Freedom and Independence 0
Palestinian Arab Front  
Martyr Abu Abbas 0
Palestine Liberation Front  
National Coalition for Justice and Democracy (Wa’ad) 0
Palestinian Justice 0
Independents 4
Total 132

Registered: 1,350,655
Votes: 1,042,424
Turnout: 77.18%

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