Parliamentary 2007


An election was held on 23 September 2007.

I Love Madagascar (Tiako I Madagasikara, TIM) 105
Fanjava Velogno 2
Antoko Miombona Ezaka 1
Economic Liberalism and Democratic Action for National Recovery (Libéralisme
Economique et Action Démocratique pour la Reconstruction Nationale, LEADER–Fanilo) 1
Brun-Ly 1
Fampandrosoana Mirindra 1
Isandra Mivoatsa 1
Liaraike 1
Mayors’ Association (Association de Maires) 1
National Wisa Association (Association Nationale Wisa, ANAWI) 1
Vohibato Tapa-kevitsa 1
Independents 11
Total 127

Source: Haute Cour Constitutionelle

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