Parliamentary 2010


First round elections were held on 28 November 2010 and second round on 5 December 2010 which gave results as follows:

National Democratic Party (Al’Hizb Al Watani Al Democrati) 420
New Wafd Party (Hizb al-Wafd-al-Jadid) 6
Progressive National Unionist Party (Hizb al Tagammo’ al Watani al Taqadommi al Wahdwawi) 5
Tomorrow Party (Hizb al-Ghad) 1
Arab Democratic Nasserist Party or Nasserist Party 0
Liberal Party (Hizb al-Ahrar) 0
Social Justice Party (Hizb Al-‘Adala al- Ijtima’iyya) 1
Democratic Generation Party (Hizb El-Geel al-Democrati) 1
Democratic Peace Party (Hizb El-Salaam al-Democrati) 1
Independents (Muslim Brotherhood – al-ikhwān al-muslimūn) 1
Others 68
Still in contest 4
Unelected 10
Total 518

Various sources

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