Parliamentary 2014


An election to the Shugi-in (House of Representatives) took place on 14 December 2014.

Prospective LDP–KM Coalition
Liberal Democratic Party (Jiyu Minshu-to or Jimintō) 291
Komeito (Komei-to) 35
Third-pole parties
Japan Innovation Party (Ishin no Tō) 41
Party for Future Generations (Jisedai no Tō) 2
People’s Life Party (Seikatsu no Tō) 2
Democratic Party (Minshu-to) 73
Communist Party (Kyosan-to) 21
Social Democratic Party (Shakai Minshu-to) 2
New Renaissance (Shintō Kaikaku) 0
Independents 8
Others 4
Total  475

Turnout: 52.66%

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