Parliamentary 2016


An election to the National Assembly took place on 24 April 2016.

Serbia is Winning (SNS–SDPS–PUPS–NS–SPO–PS–PSS–NDSS–SNP) 131
Socialist Party of Serbia–United Serbia–Greens of Serbia 29
Serbian Radical Party (Srpska radikalna stranka, SRS) 22
Enough is Enough (Dosta je bilo – Restart, DJB) 16
For a Just Serbia (DS–NS–RS–DSHV–ZZS–ZZŠ) 16
Dveri–DSS (Srpski pokret Dveri-Demokratska stranka Srbije) 13
Alliance for a Better Serbia (LDP–LSV–SDS) 13
Serbia for All of Us (PLS–PZP–NUPS–SDU) 0
Bosniak Democratic Union of Sandžak (Ošnjačka demokratska zajednica Sandžaka) 2
Party of Democratic Action of Sandžak (Stranka demokratske akcije Sandžaka) 2
Green Party 1
Party for Democratic Action 1
Out of spite – United for Serbia – National Alliance 0
For A Free Serbia – Oathkeepers 0
Russian Party 0
Citizen’s Group – For Serb Revival 0
Serbo-Russian Movement 0
Dialogue – Youth with a Stance 0
Republican Party 0
Total 250

Registered electors: 6,739,441
Votes: 3,778,923
Turnout: 56.07%

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