Presidential 2016


The election took place in two rounds, on 21 February and 10 April 2016. As the presidency rotates between the islands of Mohéli, Anjouan, and Grande Comore, the first round is a primary taking place on the relevant island for that election – Grande Comore. The top 3 candidates from this went forward to a ballot where all islanders were eligible to vote.

Mohamed Ali Soilihi (Union for the Development of the Comoros) 17.61%
Mouigni Baraka (Democratic Rally of the Comoros) 15.09%
Azali Assoumani (Convention for the Renewal of the Comoros) 14.96%
Fahmi Said Ibrahim (Independent) 14.45%
Larifou Said (Rally for a Development Initiative with an Enlightened Youth) 6.12%
Bourhane Hamidou (Independent) 5.77%
Mohamed Daoudou (Orange Party) 4.20%
Said Hachim Achiraffi (Convention for Democratic Alternation and Mutual Interaction) 2.91%
Assoumani Aboudou (URANGO) 2.57%
Mohamed Issimalia (Independent) 1.84%
Salimou Mohamed Amiri (Independent) 1.75%
Nassor Mohamed Ali (Independent) 1.71%
Mzé Abdou Soulé El-Back (Social Democrat Party of the Comoros–Dudja) 1.59%
Said Ali Kemal Ed-Dine 1.42%
Abdouloihabi Mohamed (Political Alliance for the Safeguarding of Institutions) 1.24%
Ibrahima Hissani Mfoihaya (Alliance of Progressive Forces for Change) 1.23%

A further nine candidates each received less than 1% of the vote.

Registered electors: 158,645
Votes: 118,057
Turnout: 74.42%

In the second round, which took place on 10 April 2016, Mouigni Baraka received 18.91% of the vote and Mohamed Ali Soilihi received 39.66%. Azali Assoumani received 41.43% of the vote and was elected president.


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