Parliamentary 2013


An election to the Chamber of Deputies took place on 16-18 September 2013.

Coalition 41
Rwandese Patriotic Front (Front patriotique rwandais)
Christian Democratic Party (Parti démocratique chrêtien)
Islamic Democratic Party (Parti démocratique islamique)
Rwandese Socialist Party (Parti socialiste rwandais)
Prosperity and Solidarity Party (Parti de la Solidarité et du Progrès)
Party for Progress and Concord (Parti du Progrès et de la Concorde)
Democratic Union of the Rwandese People (Union démocratique du People rwandais)
Social Democratic Party (Parti social démocrate) 7
Liberal Party (Parti libéral) 5
J.M.V. Harelimana 0
*Women’s representatives 24
**Youth representatives 2
***Disabled representatives 1
Total 80

*Twenty four women are elected by specific councils in accordance with the administrative entities
**2 members elected by the National Youth Council
***1 member elected by the federation of the Association of the Disabled.

Registered electors: 5,953,531
Votes: 5,881,874
Turnout: 98.8%

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