San Marino

Parliamentary 2008


An election to the Grand and General Council (Consiglio Grande e Generale) took place on 9 November 2008.

Pact for San Marino (Patto per San Marino)
Sammarinese Christian Democratic Party – Euro-Populars for San Marino – Arengo and Freedom (Partito Democratico Cristiano Sammarinese, PDCS – Europopolari per San Marino, EPS – Arengo e Libertà, AL) 22
Popular Alliance (Alleanza Popolare, AP) 7
Freedom List (Lista della Libertà, LdL) 4
Sammarinese Union of Moderates (Unione Sammarinese dei Moderati, USDM) 2
Reforms and Freedom (Riforme e Libertà)
Party of Socialists and Democrats – Sammarinese for Freedom (Partito dei Socialisti e dei Democratici,
PSD – Sammarinesi per la Libertà, SpL) 18
United Left (Sinistra Unita, SU) 5
Centre Democrats (Democratici di Centro, DdC) 2
Total 60

Registered electors: 31,845
Votes: 21,806
Turnout: 68.48%


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