Sao Tome and Principe

Presidential 2011


First round elections took place on 17 July 2011 and resulted in no outright winner. A second round runoff took place on 7 August 2011.

First round results were as follows:

Manuel Pinto da Costa (Independent) 35.62%
Evaristo Carvalho (Independent Democratic Action) 21.79%
Delfim Neves (Democratic Convergence Party-Reflection Group and
Force for Change Democratic Movement-Liberal Party) 14.36%
Maria das Neves (Independent) 14.04%
Elsa Pinto (Independent) 4.45%
Aurélio Martins (Movement for the Liberation of São Tomé
and Príncipe/Social Democratic Party) 4.06%
Filinto Costa Alegre (Independent) 3.99%
Hélder Barros (Independent) 0.69%
Jorge Coelho (Independent) 0.67%
Manuel de Deus Lima (Independent) 0.35%

Votes: 63,328
Turnout: 68.4%

In the second round which took place on 7 August 2011, Evaristo Carvalho received 47.12% of the vote, while Manuel Pinto da Costa received 52.88% and was duly elected President. The turnout in the second round was 74%.

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