Presidential 2012


The election took place in two rounds on 6 May and 20 May 2012. First rounds results were as follows:

Boris Tadić (Democratic Party) 25.31%
Tomislav Nikolić (Serbian Progressive Party) 25.05%
Ivica Dačić (Socialist Party of Serbia, Party of United Pensioners of Serbia United Serbia) 14.23%
Vojislav Koštunica (Democratic Party of Serbia) 7.44%
Zoran Stankovic (Liberal Democratic Party) 6.58%
Čedomir Jovanović (United Regions of Serbia) 5.03%
Jadranka Šešelj (Serbian Radical Party) 3.78%
Vladan Glišić (A group of citizens “Dveri”) 2.77%

and four others, each receiving less than 2% of the vote.

Registered electors: 6,7770,013
Votes: 3,908,652
Turnout: 57.77%

In the second round runoff, which took place on 20 May 2012, preliminary results showed that Boris Tadić received 47.31% of the vote. Tomislav Nikolić received 49.54% of the vote and was therefore elected president. Turnout in the second round was 46.26%.

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