Parliamentary 2007


An election took place on 30 September 2007

Party of Regions (Партія регіонів) 175
Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc (Блок Юлії Тимошенко)  156
All-Ukrainian Union “Fatherland”
Ukrainian Social Democratic Party
Reforms and Order Party
Our Ukraine–People’s Self-Defence Bloc (Блок Наша Україна–Народна Самооборона)  72
People’s Union “Our Ukraine”
Forward, Ukraine!
People’s Movement of Ukraine
Ukrainian People’s Party
Ukrainian Republican Party Assembly
Christian Democratic Union
European Party of Ukraine
Citizen’s Party “PORA”
Motherland Defenders Party
Communist Party of Ukraine (Комуністична партія України) 27
Lytvyn Bloc (Блок Литвина)  20
People’s Party
Labour Party of Ukraine

Votes: 23,315,257
Turnout: 62.02%


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