Parliamentary 2012


An election took place on 30 October 2012.

Party of Our Land (Vanua’aku Pati) 8
People’s Progressive Party (Parti progressiste populaire) 6
Union of Moderate Parties (Union des Partis moderés) 5
Vanuatu National United Party (Parti national uni) 4
Ground and Justice Party (Graon mo Jastis Parti) 4
Green Confederation (Confédération verte) 3
Nagriamel 3
Iauko Group 3
Reunification Movement for Change, RMC 3
Natatok 2
Melanesian Progressive Party (Parti progressiste mélanésien) 2
Vanuatu Progressive Development Party, VPDP 1
Vanuatu Republican Party (Parti républicain de Vanuatu) 1
People’s Service Party 1
Vanuatu Liberal Democratic Party 1
Independents 4

Registered electors: 192,632
Votes: 121,792
Turnout: 63%


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