Presidential 2006


An election took place on 3 December 2006.

Hugo Chávez (Fifth Republic Movement) 62.84%
Manuel Rosales (A New Era) 36.9%
Luis Reyes (Organised Youth of Venezuela) 0.04%
Venezuela Da Silva (New Social Order) 0.03%
Carmelo Romano Pérez (United People Liberal Movement) 0.03%
Alejandro Suárez (National Feeling Movement) 0.02%
Eudes Vera (Independent) 0.02%
Carolina Contreras (Independent) 0.01%
Pedro Aranguren (Movement of the Conscience of the Country) 0.01%
José Tineo (Venezuela in the Third Millennium) 0.01%
Yudith Salazar (Sons of the Homeland) 0.01%
Ángel Yrigoyen (Let’s Break Chains) 0.01%
Homer Rodríguez (For the Love of Venezuela) 0%
Isbelia León (Strength and Peace Institution) 0%

Votes: 11,790,397
Turnout: 74.69%

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