Parliamentary 2003


An electon took place on 27 April 2003.

General People’s Congress (al-Mu’tammar al-Sha’bi al-‘Am) 238
Yemeni Congregation for Reform (al-Tajmu al-Yamani li al-Islah) 46
Yemen Socialist Party (Hizb al-Ishtirakiya al-Yamaniya) 8
Nasserite Unionist People’s Organisation (al-Tantheem al-Wahdawi al-Sha’bi al-Nasseri) 3
Arab Socialist Rebirth Party (Hizb al Baath al’Arabi al Ishtiraki) 2
Non-partisans 4
Total 301

Registered voters: 8,035,721
Turnout: 76.0%
Votes: 5,912,302

Sources: There are number of sources for these results; these represent what we believe to be the most accurate.

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