Alberta starts election campaign


One of the three prairie provinces, Alberta, is going to the polls on 23rd April. This follows the announcement by premier Alison Redford late yesterday.

The election proves to be an exciting one with the Progressive Conservative Party (PC), who have been in power since 1971 being challenged by a new right wing party, the Wildrose Alliance Party (WRA).

Polls at the start of the campaign give the Progressive Conservatives 38% of the vote with the Wildrose Party also on 38%. The New Democratic Party (NDP) is on 12% and the Liberal Party is on 11%.

In 2008 the Progressive Conservatives won 72 of the 83 seats in the Legislative Assembly and the WRA held none, although they did win one seat in a by-election and have swelled their numbers to four as a result of defections from other parties.

If the opinion polls project into seats, then the Progressive Conservatives and the Wildrose Party are likely to take around 40 seats each.

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