Chavez set to win presidential election


A poll by local polling agency Datanalasis as reported by Reuters has given the incumbent president, Hugo Chavez 43.6% against his joint opposition rival Henrique Capriles with 27.7%.

Although the opinion poll looks impressive, Hugo Chavez has been suffering from an unknown illness, thought to be cancer which had forced him to seek treatment in Cuba. He has limited his public appearances and major events such as the Rio 20+ earth United Nations summit are being attended by senior ministers.

The president’s lead has dropped by 1.3% since the last poll taken a month ago and 28.7% of the population still remain undecided.

Capriles, a younger and fitter candidate has been conducting a heavily street based campaign to date which, he says, is winning him votes.

Both candidates managed to gather thousands of supporters around them when they handed in their nominations for the October poll earlier this month and the sparring has continued recently with Chavez refusing to hold a debate with a ‘non-entity’ like Capriles. Capriles replied that the president was better at throwing insults than debating.

The presidential poll takes place on 7th October. In the 2006 poll Chavez beat Manuel Rosales by 62.84% to 36.9%.

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