Final debate on Sunday


Following weeks of arguing about the agenda, the two candidates in the presidential runoff, Keiko Fujimori and Ollanta Humala have agreed to a final TV debate on Sunday 29th May starting at 8.45 p.m. local time.

The debate will include questions around poverty, security and drugs trafficking, democratic institutions and economic and social inclusion.

The latest opinion poll published by CPI on 22nd May gives Fujimori 53.7% of the vote and Humala on 46.3%. Another by Ipsos Mori puts Fujimori on 51.4% and Humala on 48.6%. Pollsters are saying that most people have now made up their minds and are unlikely to switch allegiance.

Both candidates will be hoping for a knockout blow in the final days before the 5th June poll.

Keiko Fujimori will continue to be on the back foot over the record of her father Alberto Fujimori who was president from 1990 to 2000 and who is currently in prison for corruption and human rights crimes. Her case was not helped recently when her spokesman Jorge Trelles, a former aide of her fathers, stated in an interview referring to her father’s regime that “we killed less (people) than the two previous governments”. The statement was seized upon by the Humala camp and Trelles was forced to resign.

Equally Ollanta Humala is still troubled by his association with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. He has changed his strongly left wing manifesto from the first round and presented a new ‘roadmap’ for his incoming administration. Opponents have questioned which document will be adopted if he were to be elected.

The polls are still too close and within the margin of error for a winner to be predicted.

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