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Final presidential debate takes place


The final debate between the two presidential candidates took place last night at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. The debate focussed on foreign policy in which President Barack Obama had to defend his four years in office and Republican candidate Mitt Romney had to look like a commander-in-chief in waiting.

Obama was by far the more aggressive of the two candidates throughout the debate and most commentators believe that he set the agenda and probably won the debate. However, Romney has seen a small lead opening up in the opinion polls and clearly wanted to play safe.

In much of the debate the two candidates agreed over a number of issues with Obama attacking Romney’s foreign policy when he could; Romney chose to be more passive and attempted very few knockout blows.

The Foreign policy debate is the least interesting to the American people and as a consequence viewing figures will have been lower and the stakes were less high. A win for Obama? Yes. But a game changer? Unlikely.

You can watch the full debate here courtesy of 2012 Presidential Election News.com.

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