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First presidential debate tonight


The first debate between the two main presidential candidates in the 6th November presidential election takes place tonight.

The debate will take place between incumbent president and Democratic Party candidate, Barack Obama and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney. The debate which will take place in Denver, Colorado will be watched by an estimated 50 million American viewers and will last for 90 minutes. There will be no prompts and no support from advisors as the two candidates go head to head on domestic policy.

There will be four debates in total, three with the presidential candidates and one where the two vice-presidential candidates come together.

The second debate will be on 11th October in Kentucky between the two vice-presidential candidates, incumbent Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan.

Two more debates between the presidential candidates will take place on 16th October in Kentucky covering domestic and foreign policy and then 22nd October in Florida where they will debate foreign policy.

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