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George H W Bush backs Romney


Yesterday former president George H.W. Bush endorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential candidacy. Florida’s governor and son og George H.W. has also endorsed Romney but the other son and former president George W. Bush has not spoken out during this campaign.

This is the third piece of good news for Romney this week. Earlier in the week Newt Gingrich, another contender, announced that he would be scaling back his campaign activities; a sign that he is running out of funds and in effect means that his race is over.

Meanwhile, in a verbal blunder, Rick Santorum admitted that he would be prepared to serve as Vice President if Mitt Romney received the nomination. The gaffe will be seized upon by Romney’s campaign team as a sign that Santorum has accepted that he can’t win the nomination. The only other candidate, Ron Paul, is so far behind that he is not really a viable contender for the candidacy.

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