Happy New Year


We wish all our readers, subscribers and partners a very happy and prosperous 2012.

The new year brings with it many exciting events which we will be covering as usual. The Arab Spring continues with President Saleh in Yemen appearing to backtrack on his promises to leave. The opposition in Syria is starting to coalesce into a united force and in Libya the transitional government is finding out just how hard it is to govern.

In Egypt we should see the conclusion of the first free and democratic elections with the Freedom and Justice Party of the Muslim Brotherhood set to be the major party.

In Europe the Eurozone crisis looks set to continue with Greece still a strong candidate for a default whilst new governments in Ireland, Portugal and Spain put the squeeze still further onto their austerity measures. Italy too, looks set for a rocky year. Meanwhile President Sarkozy in France is up for election in April.

Looking at elections, January and February promise to be relatively quiet. Kiribati has delayed its presidential election, but elections will go ahead in Kuwait, Senegal, Finland and others.

Hopefully, in March elections will finally take place in Madagascar and in April, apart from France, we have elections in South Korea, Greece and Libya.

There are lots more elections, but other major events include the US Presidential elections in November – 70% of American voters say they would like them to be over already. With caucuses and primaries starting in January and almost weekly until November there is little chance of that.

Elections in Mexico in July might see a change of government, whilst full elections in Kenya, slated for August, will be watched closely. Venezuela, Ukraine and Lithuania have elections in October and before the year is out we may well have an election in Malaysia.

Needless to say we will keep you informed of all elections and other significant political events where they might have an impact on the business community. We will continue to enrich the politicsabroad.com with information to make doing business in a country that much easier. And we will start introducing reports from our in-country partners, giving you informed and up to date information on key political events.

So, have a great 2012 and do keep using our website.

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