Hollande increases lead


The Socialist candidate in the presidential election to take place in April, Fran├žois Hollande, has increased his lead over incumbent president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Hollande is now on 34% of the vote according to a poll by LH2 pollsters, up from 31%. Sarkozy is fractionally up from 25% to 25.5% whilst right wing candidate Marine Le Pen of the National Front has dropped further to 15%. All other candidates have remained the same or fallen back slightly.

Sarkozy beats Hollande in only one area in the polls, he has a larger percentage of the vote with the over 65s (Hollande 30%; Sarkozy 38%). In every other area, Hollande has a commanding lead.

Voting intentions for a second round runoff show the two main candidates in a stable position. Hollande remains on 57% of the vote and Sarkozy on 43%.

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