Kirchner chooses running mate


President Cristina Fernandez Kirchner has chosen her vice presidential running mate for the 23rd October elections. Her choice, Amado Boudou the Economy Minister since 2009 is one of Kirchner’s most loyal allies.

Boudou’s most notable achievement to date was in 2008 when as Head of the State Pension Fund he helped Kirchner to nationalise private pension funds.

There seems little doubt, based on current opinion polls, that Kirchner will win the election. A presidential candidate has to receive at least 45% of the vote, or a minimum of 40% plus a 10% lead over their opponent; both objectives are easily within Kirchner’s reach.

Although the economy looks strong with current growth at around 8%, there is a lot of inflation in the system which most economists say is running above 20% and a shrinking trade surplus, all of which suggests that Kirchner’s second term will not be so easy.

The vice president acts as leader of the Senate.

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