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New poll puts Obama ahead


A new poll by Public Policy Polling puts President Obama ahead of all his Republican rivals.

When asked the question, ‘If the candidates for President this year were Democrat Barack Obama and Republican (name of Republican candidate) who would you vote for?’ The results came out as follows:

Obama 49% Romney 42% with 57% having an unfavourable opinion of Mitt Romney

Obama 49% Santorum 44% with 46% having an unfavourable opinion of Rick Santorum

Obama 49% Paul 41% with 54% having an unfavourable opinion of Ron Paul

Obama 52% Gingrich 40% with 62% having and unfavourable opinion of Newt Gingrich.

The results show Rick Santorum gaining in strength with Mitt Romney falling back and Newt Gingrich least likely to topple Barack Obama.

In further good news for the incumbent president, 41% think that the economy of the country is improving, to 31% thinking it is getting worse and 27% saying it will stay the same. This is a big improvement on polls last year which showed the majority thinking the economy was getting worse.

The poll was conducted between 9th and 12th February. The PPP news release can be found here.

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