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No conclusive winner drags contest on


The Super Tuesday contest for the Republican presidential nomination was inconclusive yesterday. Mitt Romney narrowly beat Rick Santorum in the key state of Ohio, which is seen as being a microcosm of the United States. No Republican contender has lost Ohio and gone on to win the presidential election.

Apart from Ohio, Mitt Romney won Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts, Vermont and Virginia – six of the ten states.

Rick Santorum won in Oklahoma, South Dakota and Tennessee, whilst Newt Gingrich, as expected, picked up his home state of Georgia.

The near final but still unofficial results are as follows:

Alaska, caucus, 27 delegates; Romney 33.1%, Santorum 29.6%, Paul 20.7%, Gingrich 15.5%

Georgia, open primary, 76 delegates; Gingrich 47.4%, Romney 25.7%, Santorum 19.6%, Paul 6.5%

Idaho, binding caucus, 32 delegates; Romney 63.9%, Paul 17.8%, Santorum 16.1%, Gingrich 2.2%

Massachusetts, semi closed primary, 41 delegates; Romney 71.1%, Santorum 12.1%, Paul 9.6%, Gingrich 4.6%

North Dakota, binding caucus, 28 delegates; Santorum 39.7%, Paul 28.1%, Romney 23.7%, Gingrich 8.5%

Ohio, semi closed primary, 66 delegates; Romney 38%, Santorum 37%, Gingrich 14.6%, Paul 9.3%

Oklahoma, closed primary, 43 delegates; Santorum 33.8%, Romney 28%, Gingrich 27.5%, Paul 9.6%

Tennessee, open primary 58 delegates; Santorum 37.3%, Romney 28%, Gingrich 24%, Paul 9%

Vermont, open primary, 17 delegates; Romney 39.8%, Paul 25.4%, Santorum 23.7%, Gingrich 8.1%

Virginia, open primary, 50 delegates; Romney 59.5%, Paul 40.5%.

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