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Obama wins second televised debate


Democrat candidate and incumbent president Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney clashed for the second time in a televised debate last night; the second of three such debates.

In the first debate Mitt Romney was adjudged the winner but last night a much more energised Obama pulled back some key points and most commentators are suggesting that he won the debate although not by much.

Most commentators are pointing to a crispness of the facts for Obama whilst Romney was less coherent in his argument. Many are pointing out that it was the contrast with the lacklustre performance of the first debate that made Obama outstanding.

Republican commentators are unhappy that Candy Crowley, the moderator, intervened in favour of Obama over whether he is reported to have said that the death of the American ambassador in Libya was an “act of terror” or not in his Rose Garden speech. The transcript of the speech at the time suggests not, although he did use the phrase in a more general sense when he said “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for”.

The full transcript of the Rose Garden speech can be found here courtesy of Fox News. No doubt this intervention will be argued over for some time to come and may even feature in the third debate which focusses much more on foreign policy.

After the first debate Mitt Romney received a hike in the opinion polls, even overtaking Obama in a number of battleground states. The polls will be interesting this time to see how well both candidates did with the women’s vote; a sizeable chunk of the debate centred on women and it is a group that Romney has not won over as yet.

Based upon recent opinion polls and the debates so far it looks like the election on 6th November is still very much in the balance.

You can see the whole debate courtesy of CBS news here.

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