Perez ahead in presidential campaign


Former general Otto Pérez Molina is standing on around 29% of the vote in a poll by CID Gallup Latin America.

With the departure of Sandra Torres from the scene on 9th August other hopefuls have marginally improved their chances. Torres was eliminated from the race when a High Court judged that she was a relative of President Álvaro Colom and was therefore debarred from standing as president. She was on 21% of the vote in comparison to Pérez’ 34%.

Prior to Torres leaving Pérez was on 34% but without Torres drops back to 29%. The beneficiaries of Torres withdrawing are Manuel Baldizón of the Libertad Democrática Renovada who rises from 8% to 13% and José Eduardo Suger of the CREO party who rises from 8% to 10%.

The number of people that don’t know or are undecided has risen to 32% from 19% with the removal of Torres.

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