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Perry withdraws and Romney loses Iowa


Last night Rick Perry announced that he would be withdrawing from the Republican Party race for the presidential nomination. The move comes after just two states have held their votes, Iowa and new Hampshire. Opinion polling didn’t look good for the Governor of Texas in several states voting soon.

Rick Perry joins Michelle Bachman and John Huntsman as candidates who have dropped out of the race.

Whilst announcing his decision, Rick Perry also declared his support for Newt Gingrich, one of four candidates remaining in the race; the others are Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.

Perry may well still campaign in the election in support of his move to get more powers returned to the states, known as the 10th Amendment Enforcement Project’.

In another twist to the campaign, there has been a revision of the Iowa caucus vote which makes Rick Santorum, and not Mitt Romney, the winner. Final votes which have trickled in from distant parts of the state gave a final tally for Santorum of 29,839 votes and Mitt Romney 29,805 votes, 34 votes behind.

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