Polls show old parties rising slowly


The old main parties of New Democracy (ND) and Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) are climbing very slowly in the polls but are still way down on their 2009 figures.

A GPO survey for TV station Mega suggests that New Democracy is in the lead on 18.2%, another survey by Alco for newspaper Proto Thema puts ND on 24% whilst a poll by Public Issue for Kathimerini puts them on 22.5%. In the 2009 general election New Democracy took 33.48% of the poll, suggesting that they have a lot of work to do before the expected 6th May poll date.

Meanwhile the former governing party (before a national union government was created last year), PASOK, are doing even worse but have almost doubled their vote since the election of former Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos as their leader. In the three respective polls they are scoring 14.2%, 16% and 15.5%, a marked difference to the 2009 poll when they won the election with 43.92% of the vote.

Two new parties are doing quite well and are likely to gain seats in parliament as they rise above the 3% threshold for parliamentary representation. Independent Greeks, who were founded on 24th February 2012 and are a right wing anti-austerity party led by former New Democracy parliamentarian Panos Kammenos, are on 8.5% of the vote according to Public Issue. Another party, Democratic Left (DIMAR) which was founded in 2010 and is led by Fotis Kouvelis are on 5.9% of the vote according to GPO.

All the polls suggest that a large number of Greek voters are still undecided as to how to vote, with the GPO poll suggesting as much as 29.4% undecided. The same poll said that 92% of those interviewed had a negative view of PASOK under former prime minister George Papandreou.

Latest news reports suggest that parliament will be dissolved on Wednesday this week with the most likely date for the poll being on 6th May.

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