Polls still show Hollande as the winner


The latest opinion polls by TNS Sofres and Ifop published in the last couple of days both show Socialist candidate François Hollande leading incumbent president Nicolas Sarkozy in the polls.

Hollande has dropped one percentage point on his pre first round average going from 56% to 55% in the recent polls. Sarkozy has increased by one percentage point from 44% to 45%.

Commentators are all suggesting that Hollande looks increasingly the presidential figure with Sarkozy’s campaign become increasingly wild and haphazard whilst the rhetoric of Sarkozy is becoming more right wing in order to appeal to Marine Le Pen’s six million National Front (FN) voters. Most commentators are now drawing the analogy of the presidential race with that of the tortoise and the hare.

The second round takes place a week on Sunday.

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