Polls suggest Civic Platform win


Three out of four polls published in the last two days give Civic Platform (PO) a comfortable lead as we go into the final days of the 9th October election.

A poll for public broadcaster TVP Info by TNS OBOP puts Civic Platform on 31% and their main rivals the Law and Justice Party (PiS) on 21%.

Another poll for Newsweek Polska by Estymator puts the PO on 35% and the PiS on 28%.

In another TNS OBOP poll the PO are on 31% and PiS on 21%.

However, a fourth poll by pollster PPSP gives the PO 31%, neck and neck with their rivals PiS also on 31%.

There are various reasons for the difference in polls including sample size, polling methodology and the analysis of the statistics which may or may not include weightings for undecideds and other parties.

We do know that earlier polls were showing a narrowing of the gap, but with a large undecided vote. It would be quite normal for undecideds to make their decision in the final week of the campaign and this may well be what we are seeing reflected in these latest polls.

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