President receives report on election


Yesterday Rene Preval the Haitian President received the long awaited report on the elections which took place on 28th November 2010.

 The report which has been compiled by experts from the Organization of American States (OAS) has been widely leaked and suggests that a runoff between Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly should take place.  Several newspapers have suggested that this has upset the President whose preferred candidate Jude Celestin was judged to have come second in the first round of voting despite exit polls to the contrary.

 Meanwhile the Center for Economic and Policy Research has condemned the findings of the OAS saying that the election was illegitimate.  They point to low voter turnout, fraud, tally sheets that had been tampered with, ballot box stuffing, disenfranchisement of internally displaced people and the banning of some 15 parties from participating in the poll including Fanmi Lavalas the party of ex President Aristide.

 A decision about how to move forward will need to be taken soon as the time allowed for the current President to remain in place is running out.

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