Race narrows


Three new polls would suggest that the race is narrowing between the two main parties as we enter the final phase of the general election campaign.

With just three weeks to go before the 9th October poll three recent opinion polls would suggest that the opposition Law and Justice Party (PiS) has narrowed the gap with the governing Civic Platform (PO).

A poll by Homo Homini puts Civic Platform on 36% and Law & Justice on 28%, an eight point lead. However, a poll by TNS/OBOP suggests that Civic Platform is on 33% and Law & Justice is on 26%, a seven point lead.

But a third poll by Estymator puts Civic Platform on 35% and Law & Justice on 30%, just five points difference. A month ago the difference between the two parties was closer to ten percentage points.

All the recent polls suggest that a lot of voters have still to make up their minds.

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