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Three more primaries today


Three more Republican primaries take place today with Mitt Romney expected to do well in all three.

The primary upon which everyone is focussed is that being held in Wisconsin. It is an open primary with 43 delegates available. The winner takes all for the state in 18 of the delegate seats and the remaining 24 delegates are decided as winner takes all in eight congressional districts where there are three delegates available in each district.

The latest poll for Wisconsin had Romney on 40.3% of the vote, Rick Santorum on 32.8%, Ron Paul on 10.7% and Newt Gingrich on 7.8%.

In Maryland there are 37 delegates available in the closed primary. Of those, 13 are winner takes all and the remaining 24 delegates ate allocated proportionately. In this state Mitt Romney stands at 45% of the poll, Rick Santorum is on 28%, Newt Gingrich is on 12% and Ron Paul trails on 7%.

The final contest of the day is in the capital, Washington DC. There are 16 delegates available in a winner takes all closed primary where there are 30,000 registered Republican voters. We do not have any polling data for this primary. Rick Santorum is not on the ballot paper and Mitt Romney is expected to win comfortably.

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