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Three more states vote today


Three more states, Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi, will be fought over by Republican presidential candidates today.

Alabama is an open, ‘top two’ primary with 50 delegates at stake. Latest polls suggest that Romney has a narrow lead of 31% against Newt Gingrich on 30% and Rick Santorum on 29%. Ron Paul trails on 8%.

In Mississippi, the other major state, there are 40 delegates available in their primary. Newt Gingrich is squeezing ahead on 33%, but Mitt Romney is close behind on 31% with Rick Santorum on 29%. Ron Paul trails again on 8%.

In Hawaii, where there is no opinion polling, 17 of 20 delegates will be decided through a caucus. This is the first time Republicans have voted in the Pacific Islands state and the delegates will be decided proportionately.

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