121 seats contested in the fifth phase of the General Election today


India will hold its fifth of nine phases of the general election today.

It is the largest phase with 121 constituencies involved across 12 of the 28 states and 1,762 candidates.

Of those seats up for grabs today currently the Indian National Congress (INC) holds 36 seats and the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) holds 40 seats.

In the south western state of Karnataka all 28 constituencies will be contested. In the legislative assembly elections in 2013 the Indian National Congress did well, winning 122 of the 224 seats. The main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) dropped 72 seats and ended up with just 40 seats after five years of corruption, scandals and internal problems. It remains to be seen if the BJP can win back some credibility in the state and retain the 18 Lok Sabha seats they currently hold. Congress holds 8 seats.

In Maharashtra to the north of Karnataka 19 of the 48 seats are being contested with Congress holding six seats and the BJP hold two.

Bihar in the north of the country is involved in six of the nine phases of the election. This time seven seats will be contested and the Janata Dal (United) (JDU), a centre-left party, will be hoping to hold its four seats. The JDU used to be members of the BJPs National Democratic Alliance (NDA) but are not members of any alliance at present because they object to Narendra Modi as a potential prime minister.

Uttar Pradesh is a big state and is involved in six phases in this election. There are 11 seats up for grabs and 150 candidates with the centre-left Samajwadi Party, a member of the newly formed Left Front, hoping to retain its four seats. The BJP currently holds two seats and Congress has one seat.

Rajasthan has the second largest number of seats up today, with 20 of the 25 seats in the state being contested. Congress holds 15 seats and BJP holds four seats at present. In the 2013 legislative assembly elections the BJP triumphed by taking 163 of the 200 seats. Congress lost 75 seats and was reduced to just 21 seats; something they hope won’t be repeated in the Lok Sabha elections today in this important north-western state.

The full set of statistics for all the states are listed below:

State Constituencies Parties Candidates Voters Polling Stations
Bihar 7 of 40 67 117 11,850,786 11,846
Chhattisgarh 3 of 11 18 50 4,558,873 6,114
Jammu & Kashmir 1 of 6 9 13 1,468,886 2,052
Jharkhand 6 of 14 51 106 8,525,179 10,177
Karnataka 28 of 28 131 434 46,211,844 54,261
Madhya Pradesh 10 of 29 60 142 16,722,163 18,792
Maharashtra 19 of 48 108 358 32,427,558 36,879
Manipur 1 of 2 7 8 874,704 1,406
Odisha 11 of 21 43 98 15,341,460 18,673
Rajasthan 20 of 25 90 239 34,617,656 38,835
Uttar Pradesh 11 of 80 76 150 18,535,994 18,910
West Bengal 4 of 42 26 47 6,023,258 7,443
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