4th September election abandoned


In a sudden about turn Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has abandoned his moves to call a 4th September general election in favour of a new coalition with the main opposition party.

Netanyahu’s Likud Party had been preparing to call the election a year earlier than required. However, there had been meetings taking place with the opposition Kadima party which resulted in a breakthrough.

Kadima recently held a leadership election at which former foreign minister Tzipi Livni was removed as leader in favour of Shaul Mofaz. The move appears to have given some political space for the Likud and Kadima to hold discussions.

The formation of a new coalition government with Kadima is likely to lead to a more moderate balance in government. Apparently part of the deal is that Kadima will not try and bring down the government until the due date for elections in October 2013.

More details of the deal are to be released later today.

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