Alberta votes today


An upset is likely today as the approximately 2.5 million voters in the prairie province of Alberta vote to elect a new legislative assembly.

The assembly has been held by the Progressive Conservatives since 2008 with 72 of the 83 seats in the assembly. That all looks like it will change today as a new party, the Wildrose Alliance Party under the leadership of Danielle Smith seems set to become the largest party.

Recent opinion polls put the Wildrose Party on 38% of the vote; in their first outing in 2008 they took just 6.8% of the vote. The ruling Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta under the leadership of Alison Redford took 52.7% of the vote in 2008 but recent polls suggest they will get around 36% today.

The two other major parties in the election are the Liberals on 10%; they took 26.4% in 2008 and the New Democratic Party who have increased their vote slightly from 8.5% in 2008 to 12% today.

There are 429 candidates standing for the slightly enlarged assembly of 87 seats.

In recent days the Wildrose Party has lost some of its momentum and the Progressive Conservatives have been closing the gap. Whatever the result it is now unlikely that one party will have a commanding lead in the new assembly.

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